starlink satellite phones, are they coming soon? as the starlink global broadband networks launches, satellite phones will be coming.

Starlink will provide internet access via satellite

July 1, 2022: FCC Approves Starlink in moving vehicles! Yahoo News

"Authorizing a new class of terminals for SpaceX’s satellite system will expand the range of broadband capabilities to meet the growing user demands that now require connectivity while on the move, whether driving an RV across the country, moving a freighter from Europe to a U.S. port, or while on a domestic or international flight."

June 7, 2022: Elon Musk says that Starlink IPO won't happen until 2025 - source

Starlink is ready to Provide Satellite Internet Access to Commercial Flights -

Two Weeks with Starlink -

Starlink Servie to be Mobile by end of 2021 -

Starlink Broadband continues to expand - Washington Policy

SpaceX to launch 2 rockets back-to-back with Starlink satellites -

"SpaceX looks to add 60 satellites to its network" - Fox News